Davenport Rim Locks

Davenport, single lever, dual handed rim lock – available in a choice of three ‘hand aged’ finishes – solid brass, cast iron with brass fittings, or nickel plated brass.

Both the external design and internal locking mechanism are based on original Victorian locks.

Each lock is hand finished and is supplied with two solid brass keys. A simple variation on the key plate allows us to offer you up to six different keys.

3 rimlock davenport iron 300x208 Davenport Rim Locks
Davenport Cast Iron Rim Lock


4 rimlock davenport NICKEL 300x208 Davenport Rim Locks 2 rimlock davenport brass 300x208 Davenport Rim Locks 1 rimlock davenport 300x208 Davenport Rim Locks
Davenport Nickel Rim Lock Davenport Brass Rim Lock Davenport Rim Lock