Reclaimed Bricks

At a fraction of the cost of a new brick and in the best quality possible. Reclaimed bricks are a sure way to save on costs on internal or external furnishings.

Reclaimed English bricks of over 100 years old ideal for fireplaces, stoves, feature walls, brick flooring, bar pillars, bbq’s, patio walls and floors, garden walls.

Centurion Stone is a leading supplier in Cork, Munster and Ireland. Residential customers, builders and architects are all supplied by us.

We work closely and visit sites from which we source your bricks and choose the best bricks to ensure that whatever quantity you require, we can deliver to you.

Fireplaces Made with Reclaimed Bricks

fire1 300x225 Reclaimed Bricks fire2 300x199 Reclaimed Bricks derby wc 002 800 300x225 Reclaimed Bricks

Outdoor Uses for Reclaimed Bricks

other brick1 300x224 Reclaimed Bricks other brick2 300x224 Reclaimed Bricks other brick3 300x231 Reclaimed Bricks