Reclaimed Roof Slates

We have a variety of reclaimed roof slates but specialise with large slabs, suitable for old churches, schools and old Georgian houses. We take pride in supplying only the Very Best Quality Reclaimed Roof Slates to our Customers, and as such have built up a strong reputation as one of the leading Munsters leading suppliers.

Types: Welsh, Killaloe, Bangor Blue

Sizes: 20 x 10, 24 x 12, 24 x 14, 30 x 16, 30 x 18

Reclaimed Bangor Blue Slates are one of the oldest and most popular roofing slate. Look at any old building and what do you see?

Blue Bangor slate roofs!

We will source and cut any size you need. We also supply new slates at very comprehensive prices.


Roof slates2 300x199 Reclaimed Roof Slates Roof Slates1 300x200 Reclaimed Roof Slates