Standing Stones

We have beautiful old, time-weathered, moss-covered, standing stones, field stone gate posts, stone monoliths and vertical feature stones make truly eye-catching garden displays.

These enigmatic, ancient stones, hewn centuries ago from quarried  sandstone, limestone, Millstone Grit, sandstone etc., when set up  make a wonderful garden features especially if set up among alpines, heathers, bulbs or groupings of brightly-coloured flowers can look fantastic.


1096 213x300 Standing Stones 1097 225x300 Standing Stones 2061 225x300 Standing Stones 2075 225x300 Standing Stones
Approx Dim : 1575mm x 410mm x 230mm
Approx Dim : 1750mm x 342mm x 200mm
Approx Dim: 800mm x 420mm x 350mm
Approx Dim: 75”  x 13” x 9”