SandstoneCircle 300x300 Sandstone Circle

Sandstone Circle

To enhance your design and provide a unique feature in your garden, we offer complementary Sandstone Circles and Octagon Project packs available with squaring off kits.

Individual pieces or quarter or half circles cannot be ordered in natural stone. If you require a circle feature tailored to your own requirement, such as a quarter or half circle perhaps consider Westminster Stone’s Classic Rotarea or Classic Octagon, where you can choose exactly what components you need to complete your paving project, with no price penalty.

Complementary Sandstone Circle and Octagon paving features are suitable for use with the following colours:

  • Glendale
  • Fieldmoor
  • Antumn Brown
  • Greyfell
  • Desert Sand
  • Cragside
  • Modak Rosemount
  • Antique Fieldmoor
  • Antique Cragside