Bartholomew Old Hospital Cast Iron Radiators

Our Bartholomew cast iron radiator is a timeless, plain classic cast iron radiator. Paladin Radiators have faithfully recreated this cast iron radiator from an old hospital radiator from the Victorian era hence we have named this radiator after the famous St Bartholomew hospital in London. A very handsome and traditional cast iron radiator with simple curvaceous design offering a contemporary feel for the more modern home as well as an authentic smart feel for the period room or barn conversion. A truly versatile and timeless classic.


Bartholomew Old Hospital Cast Iron Radiators

bartholomew 780 main 221x300 Bartholomew Cast Iron Radiators For the Bartholomew cast iron radiator there are many options to custom finish this old hospital radiator and transform the plain sweeping shape into a magnificent stylish feature within a room for your home. The Bartholomew cast iron radiator is available in a choice of 2 heights, 740mm and 570mm

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Electric Bartholomew Cast Iron Radiator

barholomew electric radiator l 177x300 Bartholomew Cast Iron Radiators  

An electric Bartholomew cast iron radiator is the answer if you have no wet plumbing in your building or a particular room is not attached to an existing wet plumbing system.

All of our Bartholomew cast iron radiators up to 2000 watts in heat output with a minimum length of 650mm can be transformed into a Bartholomew electric cast iron radiator.