Churchill Cast Iron Radiators

Our Churchill cast iron radiator is suitable for low bay windows and conservatories as well as loft conversions and for all rooms with low roof elevations. Our Churchill cast iron radiator lends itself for both contemporary and traditional settings and many of our clients have utilised this radiator with the idea of building a bench over it for extra seating in hallways, utility rooms and bay windows. For such a low standing radiator at 350mm high the heat efficiency of the Churchill cast iron radiator is excellent.


Churchill Cast Iron Radiator 350mm

churchill mid1 300x207 Churchill Cast Iron Radiators Custom built to sizes from 3 – 30 sections and can be custom finished in the colour of your choice or hand polished. Supplied complete with plugs, bushes and air vents with ½ inch or ¾ inch connections. Delivered custom built and finished ready for installation.

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Electric Churchill Cast Iron Radiators

churchill electric l1 300x227 Churchill Cast Iron Radiators An electric Churchill cast iron radiator is the answer if you have no wet plumbing in your building or a particular room is not attached to an existing wet plumbing system.All of our Churchill cast iron radiators up to 2000 watts in heat output with a minimum length of 650mm can be transformed into a Churchill electric cast iron radiator