Montpellier Cast Iron Radiators

Our Montpellier cast iron radiator also known as the “daisy radiator” is an eye catching decorative style cast iron radiator highly ornate and faithfully recreated by Paladin Radiators from an original first produced in France in the 1890’s. Depicting a wonderfully delicate floral daisy and ribbon design flowing from the ornate foot to the top of the stunning cast iron radiator. The Montpellier cast iron radiator is an ornate classic which will bring style and flair to any room.


Montpellier Cast Iron Radiators Range

montpellier Montpellier Cast Iron Radiators The Montpellier daisy radiator looks magnificent finished in the choice of hand highlight paint finishes or indeed the hand polished finish which accentuates all the magnificent detail of this very distinctive cast iron radiator. The Montpellier radiator is available in a choice of 3 heights, 790mm, 740mm and 590mm.

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Electric Montpellier Cast Iron Radiator

montpellier electric radiator l 132x300 Montpellier Cast Iron Radiators An electric Montpellier cast iron radiator is the answer if you have no wet plumbing in your building or a particular room is not attached to an existing wet plumbing system. All of our Montpellier cast iron radiators up to 2000 watts in heat output with a minimum length of 650mm can be transformed into a Montpellier electric cast iron radiator.

Our Montpellier radiators are pressure tested ready for plumbing into your new or existing heating system. Each cast iron radiator has a maximum working pressure of 4 bar (tested to 6 bar max)