Stone Cladding – Give a new look to an old house !

Stone has always been favoured as a finish to all kinds of construction needs. Now we can provide an easier solution.

One of the simplest and most versatile ways of utilising bricks is to choose Stone Cladding and Brick cladding (also known as “Brick Slips”)

They can be fixed both on the interior and exterior of the building, to standard or insulated concrete.

claddingIntro2 Stone Cladding

Centurion Stone has many advantages over natural stone

  • Centurion Stone is much lighter than natural stone, thus making it easier to handle.
  • It is sized for quick & easy installation
  • It can be fitted to almost any new or existing surface with great ease.
  • There is no need for foundations or wall ties.
  • Ideal for timber frame houses.
  • As the stone is ready for use, there is little waste, and no time wasted dressing the stone.
  • Centurion Stone is cost effective as there is so much less labour involved.
  • Interior and Exterior applications including, house fronts, hotels and Pubs
Cladding photo Stone Cladding

Cladding Installation Guide

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