Cladding Installation



Each pallet holds 10 sq yards of Centurion Stone which is packaged in 8 neat boxes within the pallet. Every piece from each box must be used before starting the next box. This ensures that the very best finish is made as each separate box has the exact mix of stone to ensure this.

The correct mix for the application of Centurion Stone would be 5 shovels of sand to 1 shovel of cement and _ of a pint of polybond per 25kg bag.


cladding packaging Cladding Installation Guide


Step by Step Guide

  1. Apply cement to the back of a stone about __ thick.
  2. Press the stone firmly against the wall and wiggle it from side to side to set the stone.
  3. If the cement has the right consistency, the stone will stay in place. Adjust the mix if necessary.
  4. As you install other stones, keep a __” space (joint) between them.
  5. If needed, cut or trim the stone with a trowel, masonary saw or hatchet.
  6. Use a clean wet sponge to wipe any excess away from the face of the stone.


Cladding 2 Cladding Installation Guide