Panel Installation Guide

“Stick On” Stone should be fixed against a solid wall by a special adhesive which is strong enough to hold the weight of the product which is approximately 65kg / sq M. For heights above 3 metres, it is recommended that the product is applied using a mechanically fixed system

One of the major advantages of using “Stick On” Stone is that it i quite simple to apply and it eliminates the need for specialist tradesmen.

Once the adhesive is applied to the back of the panels, you start from the lowest row, fitting the panels together along the wall ensuring the panels are clicked into place. When moving to the second row, you must ensure that the joints between the pieces are alternated to avoid them being visible.

Whenever corners are used in the application, it is important to begin here. You must use a long-cornered piece at the bottom row and then alternate between courses with short corner pieces as you move up the wall.

installation 300x225 Panel Installation Guide

“Stick On” Stone is incredibly quick and easy to install and is a fraction of the price of traditional stone cladding.